Update of the website -- 32nd Annual Basic Science Coursel; COA Basic Science Scholarship; Feedback

The presentations from this year's course have now been posted on the website. The work of converting and renaming the files is almost complete. These files can be used by you to supplement your study of the content. The trauma section is being updated further and will be posted soon.
Planning is proceeding for the establishment of the COA Basic Science Course Scholarship, a stipend, likely $1000, to be administered by the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, for the best clinical case study submitted by a Canadian Orthopaedic Resident. The objective of establishing the scholarship is two-fold. First, is that we are aware that our portfolio of clinical cases requires updating, especially with advances that have occurred over the past decades in cell biology. Second, we would like to provide a meaningful incentive to encourage the resident to develop the skill of critical analysis of clinical problems. It is very likely that every resident encounters cases that are challenging, in that the diagnosis may not be clear, or the surgical challenge to solve the problem is difficult, or it may simply be a classic example of the problem. Such a case would be ideal for presentation.
We have to work out the details of the submission, but the task would be analogous to preparing a case for grand rounds. We are seeking the concurrence of the COA Executive, and the COF, and hope to announce the award, an annual competition, by the end of this year, with submissions to the COF this winter. The first award would be presented at the COA Annual Meeting in 2020.
Finally, we are analyzing the important feedback which you submitted, and will, as always, try to incorporate the data to improve the course. We will report on how you rated the course soon.